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[Lyrics]: 01 Hacia Donde

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I Hacia donde

Donde, hacia donde
hacia donde ir (x6)

Donde esta el maldito camino?
Sigo andando sin sendero
veo mis piernas, un paso tras otros
viento en contra es lo que hay.

Cara rajada, hielo en el aire
cara rajada, hielo en el aire
mi celebro taladrado
donde esta’ el paraiso de dios?

Donde, te pido donde? (x2)

Te coje, te pilla, te arrastra
pesado se mueve hacia no debe ir
se mueve a pesar mio
se mueve a pesar tuyo
todo esto no tiene direción

Donde hacia un nuevo sol
hacia planedas desconocidos
hacia un rincon de mi celebro
mis manos ensangrentadas.

Todo corre todo va
todo corre todo va
todo va muy rapido.
Recuerdos que se quedan
detalles que se esfuman…
detalles que se esfuman…

Donde, hacia donde
hacia donde ir (x2)

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All the Lyrics (English translation)

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we will drink from a chalice of the ashes of our past life miserable like the society that made us old like the values that bred us we will eat from a tray of putrefaction of the obvious and miserable flow of a slow and calculable certainty we will curse our past to rise again, to rise anew, to open the wings of doubt in the face of absolute uncertainty, to leap into the joy of emptiness, the joy of discovery the cop in our heads education the original sin the price to pay a life of struggle our passion the heat of subversion our road a cage of glass this is life switched-off existence that is the present subverting everything is our intent the city in flames is our revolt i can’t accept to remain entangled in the threads of your profits i can’t accept to remain trapped in the cogs of your machine what to do? where to act? meanwhile time goes by what to do? where to act? and a meaning to find I can’t accept to live a life already seen already lived everything the same I can’t accept to live a life that turns on itself everything the same everything the same everything the same.

lost on a sea of confused feelings I can’t see the horizon the waves have wiped an extinguished hearth anyway a long way off my breast vomits up a heart tired of beating and trust in words is lost i no longer believe in those dreams that come from your lips my lips ours all yours nothing matters anymore nothing is left but feeling and trying to feel in search of lost enthusiasm looking for an illusion exploding head a cry in mind my rage scares you you don’t understand my dissent constant dislocation a ray of light penetrates me thrown into darkness I try to resist swallow me earth swallow me earth.

where to where, where to go?where is the road? I keep on walking there is no path I see my legs, one step after the other the wind is against me that’s how it is face slashed and ice in the air drilling my brain where is god’s paradise, where? I ask you where it takes me it pulls me it drags me heavy to where I should not go it moves me despite me despite you none of this has direction where towards a new sun an unknown planet a corner of my mind my bleeding hands everything running everything goes so fast I remember details that evaporate details that evaporate details…where? to where? to where to go?.?

I don’t even know if I am here the pills I have taken stun my self now I am accompanied by a new friend outside the sun shines in here there’s a screen the babies are quiet in the streets dying slowly the babies are bored in the streets dying slowly I get home from school to another space or time in search of peace I turn on the screen coloured neurons virtual stimulation an incessant family and absent surroundings I want to disappear never grow up too much pressure too many demands babies in the streets dying slowly slowly take this pill so you can pay attention another and another and another day what do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know.

2 meters by 5 is what I have in every corner nothing new the outside lost in a labyrinth of concrete with the hope of changing changing it for something alive here inside the hope of escaping going beyond the walls the noise outside grating and constant the noise inside agonising rhythmical defining your life time calculating your movements marking your actions in a word fucking fear everything occurring in it’s exact moment everything fits nothing is accidental that’s like outside but here it is perfection the perfection of control to make you the same among others at the same time differentiate you make you one just a number one package your life cellurise your space compress your time, strip you of your personality take your essence as something particular and remodel you as a number unique and absolute numbers: One, you rise; Two, you wait in fear; Three; they see you; Four, you are there; Five, they move you; Six, they open the door; Seven, you walk through; Eight, you stand in line; Nine, they kill you…all the stones that flower in the air all the molotovs that light up the night the barricades that remodel the city all of this is just a tiny part of our hatred against the walls If I don’t burn if you don’t burn if he does not burn… who will create light in the darkness?

I fuse with the class I lose myself in its abyss drop after drop my life fades away frozen emptiness grips my throat drunk on false needs drunk on false truths dragging drunkenness around the same topic a clear indication that something’s not right they tell me time heals all things swallow don’t feel the sadness inside swallow don’t feel the sadness that surrounds me swallow don’t feel swallow don’t feel the persistent addiction strikes a blow to the boredom of the lucidity of this real life spontaneously lacking emotions I take my drug and I lose myself in time alcohol my obfuscated thoughts find the door to the iperuranio confused in an orgy of associations of evaporating ideas I evaporate from this shit from your dirty lies from this life that is painted so pretty from this ghetto of skulls everywhere from the value of a pistol drawn on a bedroom wall look me in the eyes then and get me drunk look me in the eyes then and get drunk with me and we will talk later we will talk again we will talk again in truth I am tired of all this alcohol?

I wake suddenly bored of the democratic anaesthesia here everyone sleeps and sleeps sleeping in the daylight silent under the stars they convince us we need all this shit that shines we have had insomnia now for some time we have had insomnia now for some time it will be a detonating noise a crash of red light a dark sky that lights immense a sunset of streets flooded with people dancing on the ruins of a homogenizing shop-front world I wake until the dawn of a new world made and unmade by all who do not sleep those who for some time now suffer insomnia who never stop trying to change change themselves change something subvert subvert themselves subvert everything we have had insomnia for a long time subvert subvert all subversion one day came to the door of my heart and I chose chose to risk all for her risk my false freedom I wake I wake suddenly I wake

I did not want to sink into an apathetic day to day stagnant stoned by tiredness by the search they saw it as distance they saw it as the distance I wanted to give time time to heal so the sharing would not be violent the pressure for inclusion junkies of emotional dependence bulimics of the love fetish they saw it as exclusion anorexics of dreams walking with iron boots without wings they saw it as madness disguised and now as always I keep walking alone surrounded by people where the illusion is as strong as a summer storm that disappears in a day.

bankrupt brain like a caged animal I must escape or I will be meat devoured and torn where the fuck to go when the trap is mental tar in my lungs when I remember that I am alive and I should dance go another effort go start anew the anxiety to avoid and a trail to sniff out inside me a voice that says go to hell personal misunderstanding mine a gut struggle intense the therapy the paranoia is alive the game is over hope is gone this is a massacre of confused refused fused thoughts patience burns our so I do without gasoline for everything losing the frequency existence on the trip the challenge to make the flip kick 360 my other self sings the darkness advances dances before my eyes blood in my mouth my head is my killer ding ding boxing super ego vs. subconscious I have monsters in my mind it is crisis it is evident crisis black hood miserable sensation a wall before me I’ve lost the present now I am totally absent like the permanent social war incessant anxiety anxiety on the run from feeling good fucked up panic flows in the veins a sea in storm lacerated sails I’ve lost the trail destination madness it will all be my fault traces of brutal misanthropy… abnormal social inadequate traces of brutal misanthropy a beat to guide me existential crash test go get cured psychoanalysed there’s nothing here left to squeeze out it’s all gone bad here traces of brutal misanthropy if this world is hell paradise is but a dream purgatory is my place sinking in the abyss

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All the lyrics

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TUTTO UGUALE  berremo da un calice pieno di cenere della nostra vita passata miserabile come la società che ci ha generato vecchia come i valori che ci hanno allevato mangeremo dal vassoio della putrefazione di uno scorrere scontato e avvilente della certezza calcolabile e lenta bestemmieremo il nostro passato per risorgere di nuovo per risorgere di altro per aprire le ali del dubbio di fronte all’assoluta incertezza per spiccare un salto nella gioia del vuoto nella gioia del vuoto da scoprire. Lo sbirro in testa questa educazione il peccato originale il prezzo da pagare vita di lotta la nostra passione la calda eversione il nostro cammino gabbia di vetro questa è la vita esistente spento questo è il presente sovvertire il tutto il nostro intento città in fiamme la nostra rivolta. Non posso accettare di riamanere impigliato fra i fili dei tuoi profitti non posso accettare di rimanere incastrato tra i rulli dei tuoi ingranaggi. che fare dove agire ma intanto il tempo passa che fare dove agire e un senso da trovare non posso accetttare di vivere una vita già vista già vissuta tutta uguale non posso accettare di vivere una vita che gira in tondo tutta uguale tutta uguale tutta uguale.

VALZER DELLA MATRIOSKA perso in un mare di sentimenti confusi non riesco a guardare l’orizzonte le onde han cancellato un focolare spento ormai lontano il petto vomita un cuore stanco di battere e persa la fiducia nelle parole non credo più a quei suoni che escono dalle tue labbra le mie labbra le nostre le vostre non importa più nulla non rimane che il sentire il provare a sentire en busca del entusiasmo perdido en busca de una illusiòn. La testa che scoppia un urlo in mente mi ràbia te asusta non capisci il mio dissenso dislocazione costante. Un raggio di luce mi penetra addosso spinto nel buio provo a resistere tràgame tierra .

HACIA DONDE …donde hacia donde hacia donde ìr…donde està el maldito camino siguo andando sin sendero veo mis piernas un paso tras otro viento en contra es lo que hay cara rajada y hielo en el aire cara rajada y hielo en el aire mi cerebro taladrado donde esta el paraìso de dìos donde te pido donde donde te pido donde. Me coge me pilla me arrastra pesado se mueve hacia no debe ir se mueve a pesar mio a pesar tuyo todo esto no tiene direcciòn. Donde hacia un nuevo sol hacia un planeda desconocido hacia un rincòn de mi cerebro mis manos ensangrentadas todo corre todo va todo va muy ràpido recuerdo que se quedan detàlles que se esfuman detàlles que se esfuman detàlles. …donde hacia donde hacia donde ìr….

ALI SPEZZATE  non so nemmeno se sono qui le pillole che ho preso stordiscono il mio io ora m’accompagna un nuovo amico fuori c’é il sole qua uno schermo i bambini stanno tranquilli per strada morendo lentamente i bambini stanno annoiati per strada morendo lentamente. Ritorno da scuola é un altro spazio tempo per stare più tranquillo accendo uno schermo neuroni colorati stimolazioni virtuali famiglia incombente e un’ intorno assente. Vorrei scomparire non diventare grande troppe le pressioni e troppe le esigenze i bambini per strada muoiono lentamente (x2) lentamente. Prendi questa pillola per potere stare attento ancora un’altra e ancora un altro giorno(x3). Che vuoi fare da grande non lo so.

2mx5  2mx5 ès lo que tengo cada rincòn nada de nuevo afuera perdido en un labirinto de hormigon con la esperanza de cambiar ,cambiarlo con algo de vivo  acá dentro la esperanza de evadir de ir mas allá de los muros el ruido afuera rallante y constante el ruido adentro pasmoso ritmico definiendo tu tiempo vida calculando tu moviminetos escandiendo tus acciones en una palabra maldito miedo (x2).todo occutte en su esacto momento todo encaja nada casual como afuera peró acá alcansa la perfeccion la perfeccion del control de igualarte entre todos en el mismo tiempo diferenciarte hacerte uno,uno. Parcelizar tu vida celularizar tu espacio comprimir tu tiempo desnudarte de tu personalidad quitarte tu esencia particular para remodelarte como numero como numero unico y absoludo mumeros: 1-te elevantas 2-te quedas en el medio 3-te veen 4-estas 5-te puede mover 6-abren la puerta 7-puedes salir 8-te pone en cola 9-te matan. Todas las piedras que florecen en el aire todos los cocos que illuminan la noche las barricadas que modelan la ciudad todo esto es una infima parte de nuestro odio hacia los muros contra los muros. Si yo no quemo si tu no quemas si el no quema quien crea luz entre las tinieblas (x3).

ALCHOOL  Me fundo con el vaso me pierdo en su abismo gotas tras gota mi vida se va helado es el vacio me agarra la garganta. Ebrio de falsas necesidades, ebrio de falsas verdades (x2). Borrachera pesada nevega en el mismo tema claro emblema que algo no va me dicen con el tiempo todo pasará. (#x2). Tragar para no sentir la tristeza en mi interior (x3).tragar para no sentir (x4).el mono que persiste golpea el aburrimiento de la lucidez de esta vida real espaentosamente carente de emociones tomo mi droga y me pierdo en el tiempo.(#x2). Alchool….mi pensamiento ofuscado encuentran la puerta hacia el iperuranio aturdido en una orgia de associaciones de ideas esfumadas me esfumo de esta mierda de vuestra sucia mentira de esta vida pintada tan bonita de este gheto de calaveras npor todas partes del valor de una pistola dibujada en un cuarto, pues mirame en los ojos y emborrachame pues mirame en los ojos y emborrachate con migo ya hablaremos y hablaremos una vez mas hablaremos y hablaremos otra vez mas. Yo en realidad cansado de todo esto(x2). Alchool….

DESPIERTO  Despierto (x4) de repente.Aburrido de la anestesia democrata aquí todo el mundo duerme y duerme  dormientes adelante del sol callados bajos las estrella nos convencieron de necesitar toda la mierda que brilla. Nosotras hace mucho tenemos insomnio (x4). Será un ruido deflagrador será un estallo de luz roja un cielo oscuro que se illumina inmensamente será un atardecer de calles inundadas de gente bailando sobre ruina de un escaparate mundo omologador. Despierto (x4). Hasta el amanecer de un nuevo mundo echo y desecho por todo los no dormientes por todos lo que hace mucho sufren de insomnio por todos lo que no paran de intentar cambiar cambiarse cambiar algo subvertir subvertirse subvertir todo nosotra hace mucho que tenemos insomnio subvertir subvertirse subvertir todo. La subversion un dia toco a la puerta de mi corzazon elegí arriesgar apostando por ella elegi arriesgar mi falsda libertad. Despierto (x4) de repente.

TIEMPO AL TIEMPO no queria fundirme en una cuotidianidad apatica los estancado en el aturdimiento del cansancio de la busqueda lo veian como distancia lo veian como la distancia queria dar tiempo al tiempo para que la compenetracion del  compartir no fuera violenta una pression  hacia la inclusion los yonkis de la dependencia sentimental  los bulimicos del feticho del amor lo veian como exlucion lo veian como exlucion. Los anorexico de los sueños los caminante con botas de hierro los sin alas lo veian como locura enmasquerada. Y ahora como siempre siguo andando en  una soledad  rodeada de gente donde la illusion es tan fuerte como un temporal de veraqno que se desvanece al dia siguente.

MISANTROPHIA  il cervello in banca rotta neuronale come un animale in gabbia devo scappare se no carne da sbranare e dilaniare dove cazzo andare quando l’incastro è mentale catrame nei polmoni a ricordare che sono in vita e devo ballare dai ancora uno sforzo dai ricominciare l’ansia da schivare e una pista da fiutare dentro di me una voce che dice andatevene a cagare incomprensione personale la mia una lotta intestina intensiva la terapia la paranoia é viva la partita é finita in viaggio la speranza questa é una mattanza di pensieri confusi alla rinfusa é fusa la pazienza ok faccio senza a tutta benza s’é persa la frequenza dell’esistenza on the trip la meta un flip kick 360 l’altro io che canta l’oscuritá avanza danza di fronte l’orbita oculare é sangue dalla cavitá orale il mio cranio il mio sicario tin tin boxe superio vs subcosciente ho i mostri in mente é crisi é crisi evidente cappuccio nero sensazione avvilente un muro nella fronte ho perso il presente ora io totalmente assente come la guerra sociale permanente è l’ansia incombente ahh l’ansia latitante dallo stare bene scorre un panico fottuto nelle vene un mare in tempesta lacerate queste vele ho perso la scia destinazione follia bah sará tutta colpa mia bah tratti di misantropia bestiale….anormale inadattato sociale tratti di misantropia bestiale un bit a guidare il crash test esistenziale vatti a curare psicoanalizzare qua non c’è piú un cazzo da strizzare qua la presa a male é totale qua tratti di misantropia bestiale. Se l’inferno é questo mondo il paradiso é solo un sogno il purgatorio il mio contorno, affondo nell’abisso ahh

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